How to Avoid a Car Flooded by Hurricanes – BUYERS BEWARE!

Flooded Cars

Flooded Cars Are Everywhere !!

More than 500,000 vehicles are estimated to have been flooded during recent storm events, and approximately ½ of them are expected to be cleaned up and resold.

Imagine 250,000 flood cars, back on the streets. Many of those vehicles will have severe, even life-threatening damages, that can be extremely difficult to detect in the short term.

Extra care should be taken to protect your self, and those you care about from purchasing these Rip-off cars, from the folks that sell them.

Having a used vehicle inspected by a qualified technician before buying (Pre-Purchase) is one of the most often overlooked steps in the purchase process. Unknowing Buyers can spend thousands of dollars repairing challenged vehicles purchased after only a short drive around the block and a quick peek under the hood.

Flooded vehicles present many additional concerns and expensive repair issues are easily Overlooked by otherwise qualified technicians because they lack automotive electrical expertise.

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection may not find every flaw, but it should inform you of major problems with the vehicle before you purchase it, saving you a fortune in needed repairs.

Flood (water) damage in modern, computer driven vehicle, can be financially devastating.

Replacing a single computer and programming expenses in a late model vehicle can cost More than a thousand dollars, and some vehicles have more than 100 on-board computer modules.

Johnny’s team of vehicle electricians has the know-how to spot those invisible gremlins and advise you of their existence BEFORE they become YOUR problems.

Most automotive service businesses offer pre-purchase inspections, including dealerships,

National chain automotive service centers and independent garages. Electrical system inspections require better diagnostic tools and skillsets. Automotive Pre-Purchase Inspections typically cost between $100 and $200 and require between 1 and 2 hours to perform.

Pre-Purchase inspections performed by a certified professional vehicle electrician at Johnny’s Auto Electric usually takes 1-1.5 hours and runs $169 with all taxes and fees included. No surprises.

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection should be performed prior to any used car purchase, but is

absolutely essential, before buying from a private party seller. This type of purchase will generally NOT provide recourse or buyback options if you discover major problems after your purchase.

Before you buy any pre-owned vehicle have a pre-purchase inspection performed by a Johnny’s Auto Electric vehicle electrician and drive with confidence and peace of mind.

Pre-purchase vehicle inspections generally discover the overall condition of the car. They also verify proper operation of the options and other equipment that are present on the vehicle. A pre-purchase inspection may reveal problems with the vehicle’s structure, mechanical and electrical systems that are not immediately obvious to the untrained eye.

A pre-purchase inspection often reveals previous repair work that was performed badly, which may affect your decision to purchase the vehicle. Common examples of poor repairs include improperly installed accessories and poor quality bodywork. Frame damage is a common problem that can be detected by a pre-purchase vehicle inspection. This generally indicates that the vehicle has been in a collision, and usually requires repair. Frame damage can cause the vehicle to pull or dart to one side while driving and cause excessive tire wear and unsafe operation.

Electrical problems are much more difficult to detect in most cases and some unscrupulous sellers will go to great lengths to hide costly defects. Johnny’s Auto Electric has the experience, equipment and dedication to root out unknown future electrical and electronic problems.

While there are obvious benefits to purchasing a used vehicle concerning depreciation, licensing and insurance costs, there are also inherent risks. Many buyers get caught up emotionally during the Purchase of a used vehicle and overlook the due diligence that should be practiced for a smart buy.

Call Johnny’s Auto Electric today at 919-661-1553 to schedule a pre-purchase vehicle inspection before you buy and make an intelligent, no flood, used vehicle purchase decision.

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