What Does it Mean When Your Check Engine Light is Flashing or on Steady?

Check Engine Light On What Do I Do

Why is My Check Engine Light On?

A check engine light happens when an error is detected by one of the 100s of sensors in your car, van, or truck. The computer(s) either the ECM (Electronic Control Module) or BCM (Body Control Module) computer has found a fault in a specific wire going to a sensor, an error in the sensor itself, or a series of sensors. (possibly a wiring harness problem) but only an experienced ASE certified Mechanic with the proper diagnostic tools would know.

Can I drive my car with the check engine light Flashing or fully on steady?

When the car’s computer senses an error in the sensors or system that controls your car’s engine starts blinking, climate control or other important parts of the car’s system may be seriously affected, the computers go into what’s called “LIMP MODE” and will stay in limp mode until the problem is fixed by an experienced ASE Certified Mechanic!
Auto Check Engine Light

What does a check engine light usually mean?

When your car’s check engine light illuminates on the dashboard, the first thing to do is to take it to a mechanic that specializes in Automotive error codes like Johny’s Auto Electric in North Carolina. The light could be a minor issue, such as a faulty gas cap, or it could mean something more serious, such as an O2 sensor or a problem with another important sensor that is crucial to make your car run at optimal performance.

Can a check engine light come on for no reason?

YES! With Today’s cars, It might just be as simple as your gas cap missing or loose.
Many people don’t know this, but a loose, cracked, or faulty gas cap can cause your check engine light to eliminate. If this was the cause, your check engine light should go off within 10 or 20 miles (on some makes and models) once you’re back on the road. If not, it may be an important sensor and it should be checked out ASAP by a trusted Certified mechanic with the right equipment to diagnose it properly without replacing sensors that are good and “GUESSING” what’s wrong (a lot of automotive shops do this). This can turn out to be very costly, replacing known good sensors from a mechanic that is ill-equipped to diagnose the real problem the first time because of the lack of tools and equipment needed for the job (Such as a diagnostic computer to scan the whole system) To find the problem and fix it at a minimal expense to the customer.

We here at Johny’s Auto Electric specialize in Automotive electrical and Automotive on-board computer diagnostics. We have the latest Tools for Auto Electrical and computer and sensor diagnosis and Repair for early and late model cars, trucks, and vans. Please read our 5-star reviews and if you ever have a check engine light problem? Before heading off to the nearest repair shop in North Carolina, Give us a call first to get the best service with the latest in diagnostic software and friendly staff.
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